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Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants lemon peels keep your skin firm and elastic. Together with Multani and aloe vera this mask help to keep the pores clean and reduce the chances of skin problems like blackheads and whiteheads.


Multani mitti, Lemon peel and nothing else.

How to use

Directions: Empty the entire packet in a clean bowl. Mix with fresh water, rose water or aloe vera. Leave it for 15- 20 mins and wash it with lukewarm water. Suits all skin types.

Why you should buy it?

Lemon peel is a popular Ayurvedic herb that offers numerous benefits for skin health. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Brightening and rejuvenating: Lemon contains natural citrus acids that help brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots or hyperpigmentation. Aloe vera has soothing and moisturizing properties that rejuvenate the skin, giving it a refreshed and revitalized look.

2. Deep cleansing and pore minimizing: Lemon and aloe vera has natural astringent properties that help deep cleanse the skin, removing excess oil, dirt, and impurities. This can minimize the appearance of pores and leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed

3. Hydration and moisturization: Aloe vera is a natural humectant, meaning it helps retain moisture in the skin. It provides hydration without leaving a greasy residue. Lemon also contains vitamin C, which helps to promote a healthy skin barrier and improve moisture retention.

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