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You can put all your bad hair days past you with this mask which is packed with the goodness of hibiscus and Bhringraj. Hibiscus with Bhringraj helps tame that unmanageable frizz and make your hair breakage-prone. Leaving a nice leather of moisture.


Hibiscus powder, Bhringraj powder and nothing else.

How to use

1. Empty the entire packet in a clean bowl.

2. Mix with Yoghurt (take according to your hair length) and keep it aside for 20 mins.

3. Apply on a clean scalp and leave it for 30- 35 mins.

4. Rinse off with water followed by shampoo and conditioner. Suitable for all hair types.

Why you should buy it?

Hibiscus powder, derived from the dried petals and leaves of the hibiscus flower, is widely known for its benefits for hair health. Here are some of the benefits of using hibiscus powder for hair:

1. Prevents hair loss: Regular use of hibiscus powder help reduce hair fall and prevent hair loss. It strengthens the hair roots, minimizes breakage, and improves hair elasticity, leading to thicker and fuller-looking hair.

2. Revitalizes dull and damaged hair: Regular use of hibiscus powder revitalizes dull and damaged hair. It helps repair and restore the hair's health, making it softer, smoother, and more vibrant.

3. Hair softening: Hibiscus powder helps soften the hair, making it more pliable and less prone to frizz. It smooths the cuticles of the hair strands, resulting in a smoother appearance and reduced frizz.

4. Hair darkening: Bhringraj powder is often used to naturally darken the hair, especially for individuals with black or dark brown hair. Regular application of Bhringraj powder may help intensify the natural colour of the hair and add depth and richness to it.

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